Wednesday, July 09, 2008

இந்த குழந்தைக்கு உதவுங்களேன்

Dear Friends,

Lalitha, the baby in the photo is four years old. Her father expired a year ago.

She has been diagnosed to have "Bilateral Severe to Profound Hearing Loss" and in need to undergo "COCHLEAR IMPLANTATION" surgery which costs Rs.10 Lakhs.

Please find below are the medical records and the certificate issued by "M/s. Madras ENT Research Foundation" confirming her medical status.

Only people like us can help her to speak and hear her own voice.

If you like to help this small innocent kid to come out of her birth defect, kindly send your donation in favour of

" Madras ENT Research Foundation Charitable Trust A/C Baby.Lalitha Ponmani" payable at Chennai.

Donations can be done online *

For Donating online, Kindly send a mail With subject mentioning as
Donation in favour of Baby.Lalitha Ponmani" to / Transaction details will be sent by MERF.

All donations are exempted from Income Tax Under Section 80G.

We cannot make an EAR, But our heart can make it to HEAR….!! Let us ...

Fund Letter.JPG

- Rasikow Gnaniyar



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